Traveling with Anxiety in Tow

Traveling with Anxiety in Tow

To the anxious reader who will settle for nothing less than living life and traveling the world, welcome to Anxiety In Transit!

My name is Ashley. At Anxiety In Transit I help people find the information they need to confidently travel the world. Anxiety should not be allowed to rule our lives the way it has for so long. Tips, tricks, experiences, and reviews are here to help anyone be fully prepared to embark on their next adventure.

I have personally struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my entire life. I have tried everything to rid myself of anxiety. Medications and natural remedies, meditation and therapy; none of it brought me the same senseĀ of satisfaction or calm that traveling has. Thoroughly researching everything I can about the places I travel allows me to take that first step into the unknown. I love travel and spend my free time learning new languages and experiencing different cultures and cuisines around the world.

Despite my anxieties, I stick to the mindset that I will try everything once, especially when it comes to food. It took a long time for me to get to this point, and I feel confident that the information I present throughout my blog and through my email list will help any person struggling with travel anxiety feel prepared and ready to set off on a journey of their own.

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I hope you enjoy the things that you read here and I hope you can connect and learn a few things along the way. Always remember that anxiety should never be the reason that you don’t explore the world (and yourself).

Thanks for reading!