A Sneak Peek: Landing at LAX

A Sneak Peek: Landing at LAX

Landing at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) is a lot of fun when you have a window seat. Often times you get a glimpse of the skyscrapers in Downtown Los Angeles. Even the Hollywood sign is visible on a clear enough day! The surrounding hills, homes, and traffic-jammed freeways dot the landscape. I decided to take a time-lapse of our ten minute landing into LAX during our flight from EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport). The flight was a bit bumpy but I was still in awe of the scenery available during the landing.

Flying In


In this short time lapse, we come through the foggy mountains with a view of the Downtown L.A. skyline in the distance. We quickly pass all of the homes, roads, and construction site of the new home for the L.A. Chargers football team. More homes, freeways, and tall buildings and we find ourselves at the airport surrounded by the hustle and bustle of other planes, trucks, carts, and cars. (I don’t know about you, but seeing all the movement at the airport through time lapse is fascinating!) We taxi into our gate and that’s the end of it!

If you’ve never had a chance to fly into Los Angeles International Airport, I highly recommend it. The spectacular views of the city and mountains are mesmerizing. Landing at LAX brings on a sense of excitement, whether returning home or just visiting.


What have your experiences been like landing at Los Angeles International Airport? Leave them for us in the comments below!