3 Must Try Ramen Shops in New York

3 Must Try Ramen Shops in New York

Ramen is my family’s favorite meal to find in all the places we travel.

If there’s a city with a good ramen shop, that’s a place we will definitely go. New York is no different. With the many amazing food places in New York it’s hard to specify just one type to seek out. But for today, we are going to focus solely on my 3 favorite ramen joints in New York.

1 Ippudo NY
65 Fourth Avenue (Between 9th and 10th Street), New York, NY 10003

Ippudo is by far, in my mind, the best ramen in new york. Ippudo has shops all around the world, from London to Japan, Sydney to Hong Kong, all across the world, it’s easy to find this place wherever you may be traveling. Because it is a popular spot, we got there early enough that there was only one person in line in front of us. The shop is easy to walk to from the subway and easy to find on the street. We had the choice of sitting at the bar or at tables (we always choose the bar) and had a spectacular view of everyone working on their own piece for the ramen. After sitting in so many ramen shops, we have grown accustomed to seeing everyone working diligently to provide their customers the best ramen. What stood out here was the two managers overseeing everyone’s work. It felt like perfection was expected, and thus perfection was served.

I ordered the Shiromaru Hakata Classic, the classic tonkotsu ramen, with a frozen beer to drink. My husband ordered the Shiromaru Chashu, the classic tonkotsu ramen with extra chashu pork with a regular beer to wash it down. It was the most delicious bowl of ramen outside of Japan. The silky tonkatsu broth with the chashu pork that melts in the mouth. It was all so delectable. The frozen beer was a perfect addition to my ramen, light and airy with the frozen beer head to top it off. All in all, the perfect start to a day in new york.

2 Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 1st Avenue (between 10th and 11th Street), New York, NY 10003

I love David Chang. Momofuku was my first experience with ramen in New York and I will always cherish the memory of eating there, rolling my overfilled self to the subway, and sleeping it off for the next two hours. That may sound uncomfortable or disheartening, but believe me, Momofuku is an experience that every person needs in their lives. David Chang’s restaurants always have pretty cool decor, a nice mix of rustic and modern. The decor aids in the pleasure of eating his ramen.

Momofuku totes a heavy, rich, tonkotsu broth with the best poached egg a girl could ask for. I ordered the Momofuku Ramen, basic tonkotsu with pork shoulder, pork belly, and poached egg. The pork shoulder and pork belly fell apart on the chopsticks. This included the pork that was put into the extremely delicious pork buns. They were so juicy and tender, it’s no wonder that after our meal (20 minutes after entering the shop) there was a line out the door and around the corner. This place is definitely one to try.

3 Ivan Ramen
25 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002

Walking into Ivan Ramen immediately gave me a sense of Ivan’s personality. The decor of the place screamed out a street art vibe. It didn’t feel pretentious and my husband and I felt comfortable sitting and chatting with our waiter behind the bar. Everyone working at Ivan Ramen fell into a category of friendly yet unconventional group of people. Heavily tattooed, young, somewhat hip, with a kind of bad assery about them, it was incredible! Something we had never experienced at a ramen shop before. We were thrilled talking with the people working. They were all awesome!

I ordered the Shoyu Tonkotsu Tsukemen with a Tokyo Tea to drink. My husband ordered the Tokyo Shio Ramen. We also ordered the Kyuri Pickles and the Japanese Fried Chicken as a starter. My husband’s shio ramen was good, but not my favorite. If you are a lover of shio (salt ramen), then this is the place for you. My husband and I are tonkotsu lovers so it’s hard for us to switch. Either way, the ingredients were fresh and delicious, just not our favorite broth. My tsukemen was delicious! It’s hard to compare tsukemen to regular ramen because they are so different, but it was honestly an amazing dish. The appetizers we received were so flavorful and savory! If you like japanese style pickles and chicken, these are the dishes for you!


No matter which of these shops you go to you are sure to get great service, lively people, and an enjoyable bowl of ramen. These are my three go-to shops when in New York and you will not want to miss them.


Have you been to any of these shops? What did you think of your ramen? Would you like to add any to the list? Describe your experiences in the comments below!